The making of ..

Sunday afternoon, ‘golden hour’ at the San Diego Country Estates, let’s launch Icarus and take some aerial photos. The weather is nice and clear, there is little to no wind this afternoon, and two batteries are charged, so that should be a good opportunity to take some nice shots. Here is one of the more impressive pics that were captured this afternoon.


However, today I wanted to add some more details, telling how these photos are captured. To do that I needed to add another camera to the quad-copter, one that would capture the main camera doing its work. Easier said than done, but I remembered that I had created a very unconventional camera mount just a couple of months ago .. so here it is, a motor-mount, a couple of screws and washers, and the Mobius-ActionCam was mounted on one of the booms:





The Mobius-ActionCam is now mounted on the front-left boom of the copter, facing the Fuji XM-1 mirrorless camera. Here is a very short video, captured in flight with the Mobius-ActionCam:


As often, the Fuji X-M1 was set into manual mode with a shutter speed of 1/800, an aperture of f/7.1, and auto ISO (default 200, max 3200).