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Scrub Jay

While I often call it "Blue Jay", it's just not right. This is a California Scrub Jay, a real bully,  feeding on small animals, like frogs and lizards, eggs and young of other birds, but also grains, nuts, and berries ...
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Any of you boys seen an aircraft-carrier around here?

.. at the very end of Oceanside Pier, looking toward the setting sun .. "She's lost that loving feeling.." In the 1986 movie Top Gun, this is the house the female love interest [Kelly McGillis as "Charlie"] lived in and ...
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Ramona Santana Riders Gymkhana

No rider under the age of 18 years will be allowed to ride without a safety helmet. If you have ever seen them go at it .. you'd know why that is. There is also a pretty strict dress code ...
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American Graffiti, again.

Two years ago on a Thursday night, just after I had learned about the "Ramona American Graffiti Cruise Night", I got the chance to take a couple of pictures. The pictures together with my thoughts can still be found here ...
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Your weekly Coyote fix

The Coyote seems to have grown a bit. This morning around 9 am I saw it again at the end of the backyard. I was still inside, but it had noticed me through the large window, long before I had spotted it. Instead of taking ...
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Coyotes and Road Runners

Only a short week after I wrote about our Hometown Coyotes, the little guy came back and this time brought a friend along. They were only mildly annoyed by a Greater Roadrunner, who had escaped to the top of the Beavertail ...
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Hometown Coyotes

The San Diego Country Estates are composed of several neighborhoods associated with the unincorporated community of Ramona, California. About 3,500 households are spread over a total area of 17 square miles, with most lot sizes are between 1/2 and 1 ...
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The long road to Seattle

I don’t know where or when it started - maybe it was way back in middle school, when his ultrasonic distance meter won the science fair, or in 2012, the year when he spoke on “Digital Signal Processing with Android and ...
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A Backyard Wedding

There’s something special about a simple wedding held in the privacy of one’s yard that is nothing but charming. Intimate and casual, a backyard wedding has that warm familial feel. Already a personal space, the backyard offers endless options to ...
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Victor at Sage Hill Drive

Only a few weeks after having considered shooting at San Diego Country Estates' Sage Hill Drive, Victor contacted me. Victor is a Financial Consultant and founder of Orgallic. Orgallic mission is to enrich humanity through the global, ethical, and accountable pursuit of modern ...
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