Speed • Agility • Fun

Gymkhana, May 2017

Organized by the Ramona Santana Riders Equestrian Club, it was Gymkhana time once again, at the Casey Tibbs Western Center. While still just May, the temperature was well above 90F, harsh sun light, and as always, a kind-of dusty event to shoot.

I find it quite challenging to shoot the extremely fast and super agile moving rider/horse combinations, but what an easy task it is, considering the performance of the gals and guys in the saddle.

Besides the different riding-styles, it’s interesting to observe the attitude and approach the riders take. For some it seems pure fun, other work intensely, and some are very concentrated … a few seem to have the magic touch, making their horses turn almost in midair, with very little input and no unnecessary force.





Gymkhana at Casey Tibbs