Victor at Sage Hill Drive

Only a few weeks after having considered shooting at San Diego Country Estates’ Sage Hill Drive, Victor contacted me. Victor is a Financial Consultant and founder of Orgallic.

Orgallic mission is to enrich humanity through the global, ethical, and accountable pursuit of modern finance by means of a venturesome, pragmatic, and virtuous proprietary Structured Business Creativity. If you consider that then it becomes almost immediately obvious, why Victor would choose Sage Hill Drive over all the locations I had suggested, taking some photos of him, for his new web page.

Victor is a remarkable young man, well-traveled, very well educated (e.g., graduate Valedictorian and Outstanding Finance Student of the Year from Concordia College in northern Minnesota) and still very kind and humble.

Working with Victor was a pleasure and effortless, switching locations was painless, and at the end of the shot, we both felt comfortable enough with each other of spend a few extra minutes to experiment with the old 135mm F/2.0 lens .. a lens, older than Victor.