Tis the Season

About 1,400 ft above sea level and 40 miles east of San Diego, Ramona is located within the beautiful Santa Maria Valley. With a population of about 31,000, the still unincorporated community includes both Ramona and the adjacent San Diego Country Estates; its notable residents included Archie Moore, light-heavyweight world champion 1952-62, and Casey Tibbs, a rodeo cowboy and actor, who died in Ramona.

Ramona Senior Center

The Senior Center is incorporated and holds a 501(c)(3) (nonprofit status), it’s operating budget is funded by a grant from Aging and Independent Services (AIS) 49%, participant donations and membership fees 18%, fundraising 13%, grants 20%. The mission of Ramona’s Senior Center is short and precise:

To contribute to the dignity, well-being and independence of the community’s seniors.

A few weeks ago, I offered a pro bono photoshoot for the seniors and everyone at the center loved the idea. So last Friday, I set up at around 10:00AM and by 1:00PM, I had taken photos of 36 seniors and RSC’s staff. Everyone was really friendly and kind, and I’m going to surprise them with lots of high quality prints, I ordered at my favorite print lab – cannot wait to deliver them myself.

Here are a just a very few of my favorite pics, starting with this 102 year old …

… happy holidays to you and yours !