Santa Ysabel Preserves

Especially in spring, when the grass still looks rich and green, this is a most beautiful place for a hike.

The Santa Ysabel Preserve has two parts, separated by Highway 79 (the road from Santa Ysabel to Warner Springs).

  1. Santa Ysabel Preserve – West: is located north of Highway 78 and west of Highway 79. Driving on Hwy78 coming from Ramona, the trailhead is located on the left side, shortly before reaching Dudley’s Famous Bakery. This part of the preserve is about 1,500 acre, with more than 4 miles of trails.
  2. Santa Ysabel Preserve – East: is located east of Highway 79. The trail head is on the right side of Hwy79, shortly before reaching the Santa Ysabel Mission. There is another trail head on the east side of the preserve, on Julian’s Framers Road.This part of the preserve is about 3,800 acre, with more than 13 miles of trails.

Santa Ysabel Preserve – West

Santa Ysabel Preserve is located in between some of my favorite attractions close to Ramona: Lake Sutherland and the Santa Ysabel Indian Mission. With only 1,500 acres this part of the preserve is really not all that big. However, it is surrounded by oak woodlands, fields of wildflowers, and native grasslands and therefore its boundaries are never noticeable.

Start/End of the Santa Ysabel Preserve Trail

Santa Ysabel Preserve – West


Especially during spring, when the grass still looks rich and green, this is a most beautiful place for a hike. And while it might seem short to you, don’t underestimate it. The ascends and descends on the trails are steep, really steep.


Only in spring …




Peaks: North – Middle – Cuyamaca
Santa Ysabel Preserve – West


Lake Sutherland in the distance