Gorgeous Lake Sutherland

The construction of the Sutherland Dam began in 1927 and it was not completed until 1954. Lake Sutherland is located about 10 miles northeast of  Ramona, but belongs to the city of San Diego, which relentless thirst does not stop at Lake Morena (near Campo) and is very visible up here as well, approximately 45 miles northeast of downtown San Diego.

It’s not easy to digest, seeing that the water level, which was already really low last year, is even lower now. When full, the lake is 145 ft deep and has a storage capacity of 29,508  acre feet. Currently, the lake is at 7%, i.e. 60 ft deep and stores about 2,150 acre feet.

At the low water level, the dam itself looks even more impressive, almost monumental. But a very quiet and serene area opens up on the other side of the dam.


On the other side


The Dam

Camera Talk

If you are interested in this kind of thing, all photos shown is this post, were taken with the FUJIFILM X-M1, a very compact APS-C style 16MegaPixel “X-Trans CMOS” mirrorless camera. While I was intending to fly this now discontinued camera on a multi-copter, I am very positively surprised of the image quality. Moreover, I kept the XF 18mm single focus compact and lightweight “Pancake” type lens on the camera at all times. The Fuji XM-1 with an 18mm prime lens is a very good and compact combination, and since discontinued, almost affordable as well.