Small Business Showcase – Beth Prinz

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to photograph Beth Prinz in her sewing room, located in the back of the 1st floor of her Ramona home. The room has a big east facing window (high-up, close to ceiling), which nicely frames the lush east hillside and rocks behind the house, and a smaller south facing window.

The sewing room just recently got a fresh coat of paint, yellow, orange, and green, and is a dream come true, for everyone with a creative or artistic mindset.

Beth has been creating one of a kind garments with antique lace, buttons and trims and also up-cycling wool clothing using felting and embroidery. She gets most of the clothes she works on used – sometimes people bring ’em in, to get their favorites fixed and embellished.

During our shoot, Beth demonstrated needle felting and hand sewing garments – a truly impressive experience for me.


Colonial Needle Felting Needle Tool

“Colonial Needle Felting Needle Tool” sounds like and very much looks like a torture device from the dark ages. However, it’s used for felting only …

Needle Felting: Piercing tufts of raw wool hundreds of times using a very sharp needle with tiny barbs to sculpt various shapes and figures.

Beth told and showed me, how to quickly and easily reconfigure the tools in depth and diameter and as a photographer I look at it this way, just like I open up the aperture really wide, to blur the background, Beth is using her felting needle, to mix different colored wool to create a fuzzy background for your her creations.


Colonial Needle Felting Needle Tool



Beth seems to have lots and lots of Mason jars filled with wool roving in her sewing room, but eventually, she opened this yarn box for me and all the colors wouldn’t want to stay in there, but kind of jumped into my face.



If you have a piece of clothing that you really like, maybe a pair of jeans .. consider Beth Prinz for turning it into something really special. You can reach her by email: [email protected]