September Equinox

In North America, autumn is usually considered to start with the September equinox, which this year was on the 23rd day of September. And just a couple days later, a glimpse of fall could already be spotted east of San Diego, 6,000 feet above sea level, in the Laguna Mountains on the eastern edge of the Cleveland National Forest.


Laguna Meadow Panorama


Laguna Meadow

Looking west, hiking on the old Wooded Hill Road has spectacular views over the great Laguna Meadow, and Cuyamaca Peak, Middle Peak and North Peak (left to right).


Cuyamaca Peak - Middle Peak - North Peak

Acorn Storage

Acorn StorageThe Acorn Woodpecker stores insects in cracks or crevices and nuts in individually-drilled holes in granaries.  A granary tree may hold as many 50,000 holes. Holes are usually drilled in dead limbs and in thick bark during the winter. Any dead or living tree with deep dry bark can used as granary. Studies have shown that these granaries are so important that they are one of the main reasons why acorn woodpeckers live in such large families, at least in California. Only a large group can collect so many acorns and also defend them against other groups.

Acorn Storage


Mount Laguna


Mnt Laguna Map