San Vicente Valley

The San Diego Country Estates are composed of several neighborhoods associated with the unincorporated community of Ramona, California. At an elevation of 1,516 ft (462 m) the Estates are located southeast of Ramona and 38 miles (61 km) northeast of San Diego.
Long before the development of the Estates, the area was inhabited by the Kumeyaay and in the 1700s the valley received its name, when Father Mariner of Mission San Diego de Alcalá named it in honor of Saint Vincent.

Fly like a bird

I sometimes wonder what birds might experience as they fly, gracefully with very little movement of their wings, over our valley. Predatory birds fly higher than our highest trees, but much lower than the lowest aircraft, like the airtankers we see way too often out here.

This still way too jerky short film tries to imagine what it might be like and I wish that even if you aren’t a golfer or multirotors enthusiast, you enjoy it. (I belief it looks best when watched full-screen)