The new San Vicente Road

The San Vicente Road Improvement Project, which started in September 2014, to realign the existing two-lane roadway between Ramona and the San Diego Country Estates, (between Warnock Drive and Wild Cat Canyon Road) was completed after about two years.

The project reduced curves and hills, improved motorist line-of-sight, added a new turn lane at Deviney Lane, and added centerline rumble strips. Bicycle lanes on both sides of the newly aligned roadway were added as well as 10-foot pathways. Moreover, the majority of the utility poles were removed and water lines and drainage were upgraded.

Many old Oak trees used to be lining the winding road between Ramona and the SDCE. Some may have thought of the old road as mystical, hiding the beauty of the Estates from strangers. For others, it was just a nuisance or even a danger, understandable, considering the many fatal accidents that happened over the years.

Ramona and the SDCE feel less separated now, the road feels wider and smoother, and can be driven on much faster. In fact, some of the drivers are trying to make up for the time they lost, due to construction delays. Today, there is nothing mysterious about the road and I think it lost most of its rural character.

Take a look at another bird’s eye view, following the road uphill from the San Diego Country Estates to Ramona.

(Watch it full-screen , if you like)

January 2015

Part one of this video, shows the construction site in January 2015

San Vicente Road Improvement Project

November 2015

Part two of this video, shows the construction site in November 2015

San Vicente Road Improvement Project (Pt.2)