San Vicente Road Improvement Project (Pt.2)

A Bird’s-eye View – November 2015 Update


The San Vicente Road Improvement project involves a 2.25 miles long stretch of the windy San Vicente Road, connecting the San Diego County Estates to Ramona, and also the Barona Resort & Casino to Highway 78. The construction site begins at Warnock Drive and ends at Wild Cat Canyon Road.



The goal is to straighten some curves to increase safety, should take 18 months to complete, and costs approximately $22.6 million. The projected started on September 15, 2014 and four months into it, I created a short video, showing the progress that was made.

The project is estimated to be completed, this coming Spring, so it was time to do another quick fly-bye.

This short video provides another bird’s eye view of the construction, as it stands in November 2015 .. looks best, when watched full-screen.


January 2015

Part one of this video, shows the construction site in January 2015

San Vicente Road Improvement Project