In a world of constant change, following or maybe even establishing a tradition seems unfashionable. Doing so still, may make you look antiquated, behind the times, even more so, if you are going out of your way, creating something non digital, something not sharable on Facebook.

Regardless, since I am getting increasing enjoyment from the results of a tradition that I have established for myself over twelve years ago, I am going to share it here with you.

Every year around this time, I collect my best photos of the year; starting with the Pictures folder on my Mac, I then look through all my social media sites Instagram of course has long replaced Flickr, and not forgetting photos that may reside only on my phone. Usually, I edit all photos in Adobe Lightroom and sort them by date. I often write a paragraph or two around a couple photos.

Admitting that this can be time consuming, not only depending on the number of photos, but also on how good of a writer you are, or want to be; I promise that every minute spent, will be worth it.

After that I layout photos and text in an easy to use book-maker design tool.