Overpowering the Sun

Hard to believe, but the photo above was taken at noon in very bright sun light … here is the more traditional look, showing the expected harsh light and deep shadows, created by the midday sun.


Setting the camera’s shutter speed (the time light is allowed in to hit the film or sensor) high enough and also closing the aperture (opening of the lens) down enough, prevents most of the sun light that is illuminating the scene, entering the camera.

Instead, a very powerful set of manual off-camera flashes is used to illuminate mostly only the subject – in this case St.Francis. This shot, taken from behind St. Francis,  shows the main camera (on the far right), as well as the three flashes.


Here is a closer look of the 3 flash setup. No surprise, those are inexpensive manual flashes, not from Canon or Nikon, there really is no budget for that at RamonaPhoto. However, these are just as bright and powerful ..