Lake Sutherland – The Book

The City of San Diego’s water levels are updated weekly and the readings taken on April 10, 2017 showed that Lake Sutherland Reservoir is 45% full.
What a difference a couple of months can make. End of Summer 2016, the at lake was only at 7% of its capacity. San Diego’s East County Lake Morena, wasn’t that lucky. Even after all the rain, it’s still not even 10% full. When new water fills the lake from rainstorms like we had during this winter, the city of San Diego will turn its faucet back on and take it.
“We intend to essentially run the lake at about this current level as long as we possibly can so we can capture and use the local runoff to the benefit of our ratepayers,” said Brent Eidson, the external affairs deputy director for the city’s public utilities department.

Several times, during the dry summer and fall of 2016, I went to Lake Sutherland Reservoir and its more that 5 miles long shoreline, trying to capture its beauty and decreasing water levels. I added some information about the construction of the damm and eventually put everything together into a 21 pages photo book. To the delight of the reservoir keepers (folks working at Lake Sutherland), I delivered two copies of the 11×9 books, which are now kept at the boat house.

I understand that not everyone can come out to the Lake to take a look at my book. Also, Sutherland is only open on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedule. I know it’s not the same as flipping through a book and feeling the thick paper, but it’s the next best thing. Here is a PDF of the Lake Book: