Icarus of Ramona

The retelling of Icarus

A poem by Heather Lee
The hoary wise men of old have long this fable told.
A story of rash foolishness, beware the fault of dreaded hubris.
But, perhaps, as they never tell, Icarus chose to fly, and fell
fell for the sake of the experience
to take the risk, to do or die to touch the boundless, burning sky.
The feel of high sun-glinted air Icarus sighed, and leapt to dare

Against wise Daedalus’ words of fear “The fiery sun, do not go too near!”
But Icarus flew to taste the red sun flare.
And as the melt wax burnt his flesh his heart’s last beating in his breast
A flash of feathers laid to rest beneath the sea’s angry foaming crest.

And Icarus–Icarus got his last wish
To live life in a short passionate burst
not to take the middle road to modest life – and always thirst.