Printing and Downloading

You have done it. You got your photos taken and it was quite a bit of planning, effort, and money that went into this project of yours.

You now have access to your beautiful photos at<#your-personal_album-ID>, which allows you to download or print your photos in several sizes and on two different photo paper options.


Click on “OPEN GALLERY” and after entering your email address, you will see all your photos. The horizontal menu above the photos allows you to share, download, view a slideshow, or buy all photos printed.


Use the download icon at the top, to download your complete album, all at once. A download link will be sent to your email address.

Single Photo View

To print or download photos individually, hover the mouse-pointer over an image and watch a menu appear at the bottom of the photo. Here you can flag a photo as a favorite, add it to your cart for printing, download the photo, or share it.


Go the extra mile

Please don’t have your photos processed at your neighborhood drugstore. Instead consider using my preferred photo-lab.
This lab truly cares about color reproduction and paper quality, provides high quality photo prints, an array of sizes, and uses only professional-grade Kodak Endura Pro paper (in Luster or Metallic), all for a very reasonable price.