Hometown Coyotes

The San Diego Country Estates are composed of several neighborhoods associated with the unincorporated community of Ramona, California. About 3,500 households are spread over a total area of 17 square miles, with most lot sizes are between 1/2 and 1 acre. Many of the homes were built close to one edge of a property line, which leaves lots of open space between houses.

Rumor has it that the Ramona Municipal Water District charges more than any other Utility in the country for a unit of water, which of course leads to areas, left pretty much unattended, left alone with their natural vegetation, areas where  California quails (California State Bird), rabbits, roadrunners, and also coyotes feel right at home. Fortunately, none of my neighbors put up a fence, which creates the appearance of an even more open and wider space.
It’s getting really warm during this time of the year here in Ramona; even at night the temperature is not dropping below 70 and we sleep with the windows wide open. For the last couple of nights now, I have heard coyotes’ yips, barks, and howls. I know they sound like a bigger pack than they really are, but they were out there. We only have a few street lights and nights are dark and usually very quiet around here, what makes the coyotes’ group yips and howls that rise and fall in pitch, travel even further.

The local drought-tolerant plants have their own unique charm, humble, undemanding, and tough. Today, Saturday, around 1 pm, we just had lunch and the temperature out there was once again in the triple digits, even in the shade underneath the tall pine tree. And just like last year, there it was, at the very same spot, underneath the pine tree in the backyard, a still very young coyote, a little tired, a little bored, but also a little thirsty, I guess.