DJI Drones

DJI accounts for around 70% of the world’s consumer drone market as of March 2020.

We almost always had a quadcopter made by DJI in our fleet. Lately however, these devices have become just too good and too affordable. It’s really hard to build something competitive even for twice the budget.

DJI PHANTOM 1 – DJI Mini 2 – DJI Air 2 S


The DJI Air2S has an all-up weight of 590 gr.; its size is close to our Hercules-size quad copters.

Propeller comparison: Air2S, Hercules, Phantom


What would it be like flying on-board the DJI Air 2s

Way back in 2015, we built a huge hexa-copter, we had dubbed Dragonfly, its purpose was to carry the miniaturized but still kind of heavy Fuji X-M1 camera. Including the battery and the 27mm F/2.8 lens, the payload for the drone was 407 grams. The camera featured an APS-C-sized 16-megapixel image sensor (23.60mm x 15.60mm).

I’m still proud of having built this copter and to have mounted a 2nd camera, showing what it would be like flying on-board Dragonfly.

Recreating flying on-board Dragonfly .. flying on-board the DJI Air 2S .. take a look!