On-board the DJI Air 2S

Way back in 2015, we had built a huge hexa-copter (dubbed Dragonfly), its purpose was to carry a miniaturized DSLR camera, like the small but still kind of heavy Fuji X-M1. Including the camera’s battery and the 27mm F/2.8 lens, the payload for the drone was 407 grams. The camera featured an APS-C-sized 16-megapixel image sensor (23.60mm x 15.60mm).

While looking impressive on the ground and even more so in the sky, without a gimbal stabilizing the camera, this setup produced only a few usable results. I’m still proud of having built this copter and to have mounted a 2nd camera, showing what it would be like flying on-board Dragonfly:

Like most DJI drones, the Air 2S doesn’t really provide for carrying a 2nd camera to capture an onboard experience, but that hasn’t stopped us before 😉

On-board the DJI Air 2S

The DJI Air 2S’ camera features a 20-megapixel image sensor (at 12.80 x 9.60 mm, it’s still much smaller than the Fuji X M1’s) and a full-frame equivalent focal length of 22mm with a fixed aperture at f/2.8


Recreating flying on-board Dragonfly .. flying on-board the DJI Air 2S