The elusive Black Phoenix

In Greek mythology, a Phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically reborn. This beautiful bird is said to live 500 years, and then, at the time of its death it creates a nest and while still in it, sets it on fire.
Out of the fiery hot ashes of its own demise springs a new phoenix.

According to legend, one of these elusive mythical creatures can be seen flying above a remote area, southeast of Ramona / northeast of San Diego, which is sometimes referred to as Valley of the Sun and also as San Vicente Valley.

It took a long, strenuous effort to find the legendary shy bird and chasing after it, was even more difficult. Still, we got a glimpse, discovering how effortless, majestic, and extremely agile it moves through the air.

The Phoenix was, generally, believed to be colorful and vibrant. Not so; the Phoenix is mainly black with some yellow feathers on the tips of its wings.

The Chase – a short film