Taos to Santa Fe

We took the scenic route from Taos to Santa Fe, which is only a short drive of 75 miles that took us a little under two hours. Starting from Taos and heading south on Hwy76, we turned left onto the High Road to Taos and followed the 98 and 518 to Santa Fe. The first […]

Durango to Taos

Yesterday’s drive was epic but rather long, so traveling from Durango to Taos seemed like a 200-mile walk in the park. Before bidding farewell to Durango, we strolled along the currently wild Animas River. Originating in the majestic San Juan mountains and flowing through the picturesque town of Silverton, it stretches for 126 miles, passes […]

Page to Durango

Traveling from Page to Durango via Kayenta and Mexican Hat is a 290-mile drive that takes a minimum of 5 hours. After having breakfast in Page, we drove for approximately 90 minutes and reached Kayenta, the gateway to Monument Valley. Kayenta is a township within the Navajo Nation with a population of 5,189. Memories from […]

Sedona to Page

The drive from Sedona to Page covers a distance of 160 miles and takes approximately four hours. Driving the 89A up North through the Oak Creek Canyon is already pretty spectacular, and after just 30 minutes of driving, we were already at 7000 feet above sea level. We quickly passed through Flagstaff and followed the […]

Road Trip

Join us on a five-day road trip spanning 1,150 miles. Our adventure begins in Sedona and moves onward to Page, where we’ll see the breathtaking Horseshoe Bend, the Glen Canyon Dam, and a nearby hanging garden. From there, we’ll journey to Durango, passing through Kayenta, Monument Valley, Mexican Hat, and Ute Mountain Reservation. On the […]

Shooting Graceland

Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee

It’s a good thing that the ticket office a.k.a. Graceland Plaza and Graceland are separated by the wide Elvis Presley Boulevard. Visitors are shuttled from the ticket office to the front of the house, but will not find a single moment of solitude, while at Graceland, a place much smaller than I had imagined. Inside Graceland, it’s […]