Flying out on one of the 1st early morning flights, leaving San Diego International Airport, better known as Lindbergh Field, towards Frankfurt, Germany (with a short stop in Philadelphia). Philadelphia is not bad location for a layover, splitting the total time spent in an airplane seat almost exactly in half. Once arrived in Frankfurt, my […]

San Vicente Valley

The San Diego Country Estates are composed of several neighborhoods associated with the unincorporated community of Ramona, California. At an elevation of 1,516 ft (462 m) the Estates are located southeast of Ramona and 38 miles (61 km) northeast of San Diego. Long before the development of the Estates, the area was inhabited by the […]

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Between 1769 and 1833, Catholic priests of the Franciscan order established 21 Spanish missions in California. Mission San Diego de Alcalá was the first, founded in 1769. The Mission featured in this post, San Juan Capistrano, was seventh, founded in 1776. Looking down a typical exterior corridor Mission Architecture The typical mission architecture still influences […]

Aerial Photography

This photo of the most eastern part of the San Diego Country Estates shows the James Dukes Elementary School on the lower right and the Ramona Oaks Road heading straight East, on the upper left side. Eagle Peak  (Elevation: 3,226 ft / 983 m) and Cuyamaca Peak (Elevation 6,512 ft / 1,985 m) are clearly visible in the  East […]