Cookstove Trail

The trailhead of Cookstove Trail is inside Oak Creek Canyon and just about in the middle, between Flagstaff and Sedona. Or more precisely, it is 15 miles south of Flagstaff or 12,7 miles north of Sedona on Arizona Highway 89A, near milepost 387, across a roadside water stop.

The trail was originally built to provide forest firefighters access to Oak Creek Canyon’s wooded slopes, but now offers a scenic route to the canyon rim. Starting at an elevation of 5,630 feet, switchback after switchback, let you climb most of the trail’s 700 feet elevation gain quickly, at the beginning of the hike.

Oak Creek Canyon Wall

The opposing wall of Oak Creek Canyon, with it’s multi colored layers.

View Straight Down Oak Creek Canyon – Towards Sedona

This is the view straight down the canyon, towards Sedona.