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I’m Wolf, a photographer and Ramona, in the the beautiful Santa Maria Valley (San Diego County) is where I call home. I was born however in Germany, son of a sculpturer and a mechanic and if you ask me, “is the true nature of photography art or science”, I’ll simply say “Yes”.

Take a look at my galleries, showing work I’m proud of. You can also read some of my stories, but I’d much rather help you, to tell yours.

My goal is to capture moments and emotions, in a vibrant and creative, yet natural, unobtrusive way, treasured memories that will be handed down for generations. I understand maybe more than you do right now, that your kids might be my primary client, since you will be passing on those prints and photo books, for them to look at, when they are older.

I’d love to photograph you, both of you, your next family gathering, or your next social or corporate event. I’m always up for interesting work, trying to match your budget. Please do get in touch.

Stop the moment, observe, feel, capture.

Photographs are the slideshow of your life – make it a great one.

— Wolf Paulus